Get a £5 promo code on purchase of £30 Gift Cards

Now through June 18, 2017, eligible customers purchase £30 or more of Amazon Gift Cards in a single order on, will receive a  £5 promo code towards future spending. If you have not received an invitation directly from, you may click to the register page to see your eligible for this £5 promo code offer >>> , then click the ‘register for the promotion’ button to apply the £5 promo code. The £5 promo code to your Amazon UK account will be confirmed by e-mail within 48 hours after your purchased gift cards has been dispatched. You may choose on your order in one to combine 2 or more Gift Cards, such as a £10 card in Gift Box plus two £10 Greeting Cards.

 £5 promo code
Get a £5 promo code on purchase of £30 Gift Cards


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