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$30 off Amazon Home Service for Pressure Washing

$30 off Amazon Home Service for Pressure Washing

Amazon Home Service offers a promo for Pressure Washing. Customers now book an appointment for home Pressure Washing service will get a $30 savings. Amazon Pressure Washing service is a skillful cleaning service without damaging the multiple surface types. The Amazon pros use industrial grade pressure washer with the environmentally safe detergents. You can reschedule your home service at any time, and cancel is free. Click to get the $30 benefit for the Pressure Washing from Amazon Home Service >>> Continue reading

$50 off house cleaning promo code ‘CLEAN18’ from Amazon Home Service

Now a new promo code ‘CLEANUP8’ for extra $25 savings on Amazon Home Service >>>

$50 off house cleaning promo code 'CLEAN18' from Amazon Home Service

It‘s a wonderful summertime, and living is easy than before, as you make Amazon Home Service doing your house cleaning work. Amazon Home Service is now offering a promo code ‘CLEAN18’ for customers to take $50 off house cleaning service for a typical home cleaning plan. The promo code is applied for $10 off each of the first 5 housing cleaning services while adding at checkout. You just easily select the sq and the number of rooms for a request of the  Amazon Home Service appointment, then set a repeat time to meet your need. Of course, you can reschedule anytime. Click to apply the promo code ‘CLEAN18’ for the $50 savings on Amazon Home Service>  as well to enjoy more wonderful summertime right now!

promo code 'CLEAN18' for Amazon Home Service

Up to $70 off promo for iPhone screen repair Amazon Home Service

15% off iPhone screen repair

If your iPhone screen accidentally breaks down, get the iPhone screen fixed through Amazon Home Service is now the most convenient and economical repair method. To repair iPhone screen Amazon Home Service, customers will get up to $70 savings for the repair service without any waiting. Once you have booked the repair service, Amazon will immediately arrange for a local pro meeting with you, whether at your home or office all that is convenient for you. The newly reduced repair pricing includes all replacement parts, and no any charge if the iPhone can’t be fixed. Click to enjoy up to $70 off reduced everyday pricing of Amazon Home Service for iPhone screen repair, customers rate the repair service on average a high 4.8 out of 5 stars >>> Continue reading

Spring 2018 extra $20 off promo for Amazon Home Service

 $20 off promo for Amazon Home Service

Today Amazon Home Service offers an extra $20 off promo for home Deep Cleaning and Spring Cleaning service. Customers make an appointment at Amazon Home Service for home Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning service, will get this spring extra savings. The $20 discount will be applied automatically after the whole payment completed. Amazon Deep Cleaning means deep cleaning in your home for all rooms. It takes two times the time of a normal cleaning. This promo for home Deep Cleaning is limited time from 12:00 a.m. March 16 through 11:59 p.m. April 30, 2018.Click to freshen up your home, schedule for a home Deep Cleaning appointment right now >>> Continue reading

Extra $15 off spring 2018 promo on Deep Cleaning Amazon Home Service

Extra $15 off spring 2018 promo on Deep Cleaning Amazon Home Service

The spring 2018 is coming, Amazon Home Service offers this promo for the time a thorough scrubbing on your home. Customers schedule an appointment for home Deep Cleaning Amazon Home Service, get a local service pro help de-cluttering and sanitizing from the winter’s dust. Extra $15 off will be applied when you complete check out. A deep cleaning takes twice time as long than a normal cleaning. Select how many bedrooms in your home, then click the booking button at Amazon Home Service, spring savings coming here >>>   Spring 2018 extra $20 off promo for Amazon Home Service >>>

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