How to make big savings on Bubble Witch 3 Saga with Amazon Coins

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As a bubble shooting puzzle game, Bubble Witch 3 Saga is the newest one in the exciting Bubble Witch series. The new version 4.3.6 updated on February 26, 2018, that added the latest main ingredient to make more spellbinding. Game players can get app of Bubble Witch 3 Saga free download from here, and make up to 25% savings on this app and its in-app purchases with Amazon Coins.

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How to make big savings on Bubble Witch 3 Saga with Amazon Coins

Why we say it can make big savings on Bubble Witch 3 Saga with Amazon Coins?

Firstly we need to spend time learning Amazon Coins from its fundamental and playing games with advanced experience. That will let us know how to spend and save your Amazon Coins on apps such as shooting down the Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

Amazon Coins is a digital currency like Amazon Gift Card that you can use in buying apps and games on Amazon. You can usually buy Amazon Coins at a discount price from the platform which you use to buy apps, games and in-app items. It’s an easy way to buy Amazon Coins from Amazon through your Kindle device, Fire Tablets or through other android devices.

There are actually 25% to 50% bonus sometimes you can get from using Amazon Coins which is quite common on some top selling apps. However, if you hunt around Amazon, you might chance a find of higher offers with some up to 80% bonus. Aside from earning Amazon Coins for free when downloading free games and apps or purchasing in-app items, you also just get the Coins buying it from And if you are new Amazon Appstore customer, you have the chance to get the ‘Be Coinstoppable’ promo code on Amazon Coins for making an extra savings >>>

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How to spend and save your Amazon Coins on apps?

It is actually very easy to spend your Amazon Coins on your favorite apps. You can spend it using your Kindle Fire tablet, Android device or just through Amazon website the Below is how you can spend your Amazon Coins buying apps:

  • Through Kindle Fire Tablets

Go to the Store first on the apps in your home screen and make sure you have enough Amazon Coins. If you don’t have enough Coins, you can buy tapping Amazon Coins in the menu on the upper right-hand corner. Next, tap the Buy More Coins button.

Select one in the denomination choices then tap Buy so the Coins will be directed to your account. Next, go to the app you want to buy and tap the price in the detail page or the in-app item in the app. Tap the yellow Buy App button and choose Amazon Coins for the payment. Tap Get App and your new app will be downloaded to your Kindle Fire tablet.

  • Through Android Device

With using Android device, you’ll need to have an Amazon Underground or Amazon shopping app. With using the app, you can open Amazon. If you need more Coins for the app you want to buy, you can type Amazon Coins in the search box, choose Amazon Coins and select the denomination option you want.

Tap Buy and these Coins will be automatically in your account. Then just like in Kindle, go to the app you want to buy and tap the price of the app or the in-app item if you are making in-app purchase. Next, tap the Buy App button to choose whether to use Amazon Coins or real currency. When you’ve chosen Amazon Coins, just tap Get App and you can now have your new app in your Android device.

  • Using Amazon Website

In using Amazon website, you simply go through the same 1-click buying process until checkout. There, you will see the payment options available. Just click Amazon Coins for payment and you can automatically get the app you want.

If you are looking for best seller apps to DOWNLOAD, you can check for Amazon’s latest list of top selling apps at Amazon Appstore.

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