How to save Amazon Coins on playing Cookie Jam Blast

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Cookie Jam Blast is one of the game products with over 1,000,000 installs. The game typically talks a bakery adventure which involves to creating new recipes in every step of challenges and game to earn rewards. It developed Jam City which is the leading developer of most the cross platform social gaming. The entire game will love many because of new delicious and challenges that will rock the players’ brain.

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How to save Amazon Coins on playing Cookie Jam Blast

The game also involves Coins that can use in buying for boosters, extra lives and extra moves. So, to fully survive the challenging game for cookie jam blast, there must be enough supplyiing with Coins for each game! The Coins can buy with real money or your Amazon Gift Cards. Just tap the + icon beside the Coins section of the game map. You just need to select the Coin package that you want to buy. The Coin packages are equal to US Dollars. You must have an Amazon account to the payment for the Coins. After this, the bought Coins will be automatically added to the Amazon Coins inventory. Amazon keeps changing its Coins discount every day. So for you to save Coins, you have to keep your eyes open. Just now save 25% on this app and its in-app items on you purchase of Amazon Coins >>>

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Playing Cookie Jam Blast with the savings in Amazon Coins

Since Coins are one of the important parts in playing Cookie Jam Blast, it is essential to have a huge number of Coins to overcome the constant challenges. Buying for Amazon Coins offers various advantages in the game. It can use anytime during the game play for buying boosters. To enjoy more of the game, the Coins can use to extend lives buying for extra lives. Moves can even use many times as long as you have many in your Coin inventory.

In addition, gaining of the Amazon Coins can also access benefiting some of the promo codes revealed in the game play. You will no longer worry about the Coins because you have an alternative source of this. You can overcome every challenge in any of the game having more Coins for your need. Make more savings of Amazon Coins playing Cookie Jam Blast.

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Features of the Game

The Cookie Jam Blast is an interesting game. There are different game that should try avid gamers out there. There are also many challenges. But, anyone can enjoy playing the new game of Cookie Jam Blast.

  • It is anew game that comprised of several new puzzles.
  • Having a match of 4 can create Jelly Bee which can use in shaking up the board.
  • Hidden treats can uncover revealing the Yumsicle and swapping the Macrons.
  • Making matches can make the cupcake move towards the box. This would help in finishing the game.
  • Breaking the Waffles is important. So you better rank this one before you are out of moves.
  • Immediately make matches next to the Topplers before you run out of time. They are moving so you better quickly capture them all to settle the game.
  • Special prizes can open once you successfully jam in every level and successfully earn 20 stars.
  • You have the chance for daily rewards through Spin the Wheel.
  • The game can connect to Facebook for the progress of the game and can even share with Amazon Coins on playing Cookie Jam Blast
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